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I was contacted by a documentary film maker working for BBC3 wanting to make a documentary on the lives and experiences of gay male sex workers in the UK. He seemed pleasant enough though very London centric. Ideally looking for sex workers under 35 years of age (to meet demographics of BBC3 apparently).

he has asked me to circulate his contact details. Documentaries are hard work ( I know from personal experience) and having control over what is actually shown is often difficult. Having said that documentaries are one of the few avenues that sex workers can exploit to get our message across.

I would urge anyone interested to give him a call and to circulate this information. The more sex workers voices are heard then the more we challenge the stereotypes.


Hello there,
I’m a film maker and right now I’m developing a one off documentary about the lives and dilemmas of sex workers for BBC THREE.

We’re looking for confident male sex workers who can talk about their decision to make money from sex. We’re interested in taking contributors on a journey to examine the stigma, moral dilemmas and reality of sex work in Britain in 2011. Ideally, we’re looking for sex workers that are British or have been in Britain for much of their adult life.

At this stage no commitment is required but you should be open to the idea of potentially filming and appearing on TV.
Feel free to email me mobeen.azhar@bbc.co.uk or call me on 07715 00 10 60
Many thanks

Mobeen Azhar
Assistant Producer
BBC Current Affairs
0 (044) 7715 00 10 60
BBC Media Centre, 201 Wood Lane, Level 3, C5, W12 7TQ

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