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I posted about a bill board fund raising activity in the USA .  The intention was to raise money for a sex work positive message, differentiating sex work from trafficking.  Trafficking is the label given to sex work by the prohibitionist lobby.  Swaay raised the money.  The bill board has not been erected.  No bill board advertising company in LA has the guts to put up the advert.  Even rewording the advert does not help.  Sad but true.  There are though still plans to spend this money on advertising, at least the idea of putting up a bill board has generated some publicity already.


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  1. Douglas Fox
    4 September, 2011

    Really sad. Inspiring that she raised the money but the refusal to allow the advertising boards illustrates the uphill task sex workers have in order to get their message across. Obviously those pushing anti sex work propaganda do not have these issues which tells us so much does it not!.

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