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American campaign group to fund pro sex work bill board

SWAAY- Sex Work Activists, Allies And You are raising money to fund a billboard in a prominent location in LA.  SWAAY set up by furrygirl is looking to raise $7300 by August 17.  The idea of the billboard is in response to increasing pressures from anti-sex worker campaigns this summer, SWAAY would like friends and allies to help  put up what would be the first sex workers’ rights billboard in America. We’re starting with answering the first question: what is sex work?   The proposed wording on the bill board is.

SWAAY are half funded at present, and give a number of rewards depending on funding level.   Your payment will only be taken if the project is completely funded, and is organised through the EpicStep website.  Sounds a good idea, bring the battle to LA and Hollywood.  Lets not forget, this is one billboard against the masses of billboards erected by the anti sexwork campaign groups.  For some examples take a look at the website Tits and Sass where they feature the top ten anti prostitution bill boards.

6 comments on “American campaign group to fund pro sex work bill board

  1. Douglas Fox
    5 August, 2011

    If the IUSW were to get its act together and instead of hiding behind a tiny mainly London based closed list became a national paying membership organisation with true democratic elections (as agreed in the original constitution before it was changed ) then the UK could also organise similar campaigns.

    Here in the UK we need a democratic, representative grouping that has a strong financial base. We do not have such an organisation. The IUSW in London are to blame for the situation here in the UK for not providing the leadership expected.

  2. elrond
    5 August, 2011

    I would dispute the assertion that the IUSW is London base. Leaders may be London, but the membership is across the whole of the UK, with London a minority.

  3. Douglas Fox
    5 August, 2011

    There is no leadership of the IUSW “Remember”…..

    I said that the majority are in London and certainly its activities are London based. That is not the problem. Any group righly or wrongly has to have a strong London presense. It is just the way it is.

    The truth however is that the IUSW is the only grouping that has the potential to represent ALL sex workers regardless of politics, working enviroments etc etc. It made the choice however not to have an elected representative leadership and to hide behind a closed list. It chose not to welcome sex workers as paying members with voting interests which would give it real legitimacy. It was the only grouping that had popular interest among meida, sex workers and public alike and which people were prepared to give monies to regardless of political persuasion.

    That kind regard with which the IUSW was regarded is evaporating…. ONLY the present IUSW group are responsible for that.

  4. elrond
    25 August, 2011

    The money was collected, but now it appears no bill board company will run the advert. Their legal teams oppose it.

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