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Sex Workers Project Update

Some news from New York which I am reposting on here.


Dear Friends and Allies,


We have had a busy spring here at the Sex Workers Project, and wanted to share a few updates!




In May, Melissa Broudo, staff attorney, won the first motion under the Sex Workers Project co-authored “Vacating Convictions for Trafficked Persons” law. Criminal Court Judge Toko Serita granted the motion to vacate two violations and four misdemeanor convictions on behalf of an SWP client. After the ruling, the client stated in  New York Law Journal profile, “This opportunity has opened many doors for me. I am able to be with my family, to work, and to be a productive member of society now. I would like to thank the Urban Justice Center and my lawyer for taking me to court to make my life better.” Melissa and SWP continue the work by filing new motions and supporting similar bills across the country.


Long Island Serial Killer


SWP responded to the ongoing investigation of a possible serial killer in Long Island with outreach to sex workers, the media and law enforcement.

Crystal Deboise was interviewed by Brian Lehrer on WNYC about the tragedies, click here to listen: http://www.wnyc.org/shows/bl/2011/apr/13/long-island-serial-killer/


The New York Times featured interviews with Sienna Baskin, Co-director in two insightful pieces:


The Atlantic Monthly highlighted SWP’s services in this post:



SWP encouarges you to sign the petition demanding amnesty for Long Island sex workers, until the killer is apprehended:



No Condoms As Evidence


SWP continued to build the campaign to eliminate the harmful police practice of confiscating condoms from sex workers. The media and public continued to respond with indignation that this practice exists in the first place:

  • Village Voice – Condoms Can Still be Evidence of Prostitution in NYC


  • Alternet – Shocking: Sex Workers Are Being Prosecuted for Carrying Condoms



We celebrated in April when New York City Council Member Jessica Lappin introduced Resolution 710 to support passage of the “No Condoms As Evidence Bill.” SWP encourages you to sign two Change.org petitions in support of the bill and resolution:




Retreat and Reflection


In February, SWP was awarded an Omega Institute Service Retreat Grant to attend “Women Serving Women 2011,” a leadership summit of service providers “who are working to help lift women’s lives.” Read a press release here: http://eomega.org/omega/press/news/?id=527&printable=true.

We just returned from a successful and restorative retreat from June 1-3, focused on strategic planning and reflection on SWP’s 10 years of work on behalf of sex workers and survivors of trafficking. More soon as we continue the journey!


In Solidarity,



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