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There is some justice in the world after all. Eaves, the London based so called charity (most of its funding derives from tax payers through government donations) that once worked hand in hand with labour ministers and with a host of anti sex work lobby groups to generate and maintain an hysteria over trafficking (which it still does) has lost out in its latest attempt to attract yet more government funding so that it can “Rescue victims of sex trafficking”. The government is instead awarding the monies to the Salvation Army

I doubt few sex workers will shed a tear at this news. As a project Eaves has been responsible for funding some very dubious research and supporting an ideology of hatred toward the sex industry and to sex workers and our clients that has won it little but derision from sex workers.

I am not sure if the Salvation Army is going to be less ideological in its dislike of the sex industry being a Christian faith based organisation but historically at least the Salvation army has mostly concentrated on dealing with issues and people rather than creating and maintaining myths and hysteria. Time will tell.

It is worth noting that the government is awarding a six million pounds grant from tax payers money to support work around trafficking. This proves that dspite the lack of credible evidence for huge number of trafficked victims, the rescue industry that maintains the hysteria in contrast is both large and very, very lucrative for those involved. Think what sex worker rights groups could achieve with a fraction of that money. Instead of sex workers rights groups relying on a few over worked individuals we could instead commission research and create better and more effective lobbying to inform the public about the reality of our work and WE could work toward ending abuse and trafficking in our industry. INSTEAD SEX WORKERS LIVE IN FEAR OF THE POLICE.
Hardly justice.


A charity that pioneered specialist services for victims of sexual trafficking, providing refuge and therapeutic support for hundreds of abused and exploited women, faces an uncertain future after ministers withdrew its funding.

Eaves Housing has accused ministers of taking an “ideological decision” after they awarded a £6m contract to run the Poppy Project services it has developed and provided over the past eight years to the Salvation Army.

It said the decision marked a change in the way government supports care for victims of trafficking: “They were after a bare minimum service, not a specialist service.”

The move came as it was announced that a woman who was a repeated victim of sex trafficking is to be paid substantial damages by the Home Office after it returned her to Moldova, despite the fact that she faced grave dangers there.

Read the Guardian story

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  1. stephenpaterson
    13 April, 2011

    The POPPY PROJECT accuses OTHERS of being ideological!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Well well, a financial bodyblow to the Kremlin of radical feminism. And Denise Marshall has sent her MBE back! Such noble sacrifice….

  2. Douglas Fox
    13 April, 2011

    I know I was gutted that she sent her MBE back. I wonder if she sent it back on expenses ? These people are not used to paying for anything by themselves.

    It just shocks me, really shocks me that so much money is thrown at these people while groups like the NSWP receive so little and sex worker groups nothing.

    It certainly is an unfair world. And at least the Salvation Army is national and not London only. They are also looking to outreach the work which may be helpful to more positive groups who work with sex workers.

    I will need to try and find out more.

  3. stephenpaterson
    13 April, 2011

    Well, an academic mutual friend once told me that whereas the SA’s help to trafficking victims has thus far been unconditional, ongoing assistance by Poppy has thus far been conditional on victims aiding the police. I don’t think Poppy wanted it that way but it was a condition of the Home Office funding, so it’ll be interesting to see if the SA has been able to maintain its stance through negotiations.

    One trafficked lass couldn’t receive Poppy ongoing support because she wouldn’t talk to police as her sister was still in the hands of the traffickers.

    The situation would probably improve if the Government handed over the running of the Home Office to the Salvation Army as well….

  4. Red Dragon
    14 April, 2011

    I can’t help but feel a little bit cautious that the Salvation Army is now in charge, this is a group that is anti-secular, homophobic, biphobic and is also anti-sex work.

    The way I see it the Anti-Sex movement is still in charge of this anyway, it has traded the feminist extremist side of the anti-sex movement to the religious side of it. The Salvation Army will abuse their new duty just like Eaves Housing did in due time, sure the Salvation Army do good work to help people but that won’t stop them from taking advantage of them, it is a religious organisation after all,

  5. peter schevtschenko
    16 April, 2011

    i too was gutted to hear that denise had sent her mbe back,perhaps it will sit next to the one that john lennon sent back,how proud he must feel that someone as important as denise has followed in his footsteps

  6. stephenpaterson
    16 April, 2011

    Red Dragon – I share your concerns but I do feel the SA should be given a chance. It is not bad news that trafficked men will at least get some help and support for the first time, and the very least we can hope for is that the SA will not pour out dodgy dossiers and inflated stats the way Poppy notoriously did.

    I believe there’s a Commandment about bearing false witness somewhere, if my memory serves me well….

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