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A new Face Book friend Chris Monfort writes some excellent articles on her blog. Below is a very short piece and link to her recent article tackling the myth of sex trafficking.

As a sex worker for twelve years I can honestly say that I have never met a sex slave or trafficked sex worker. I certainly have met foreign sex workers and some sex workers who probably should not be doing sex work, but forced sex slaves?
If one were foolish enough to believe the huge figures quoted by anti sex work lobby groups and then used within the media as absolutes you could be mistaken for believing that huge sex slave auctions were held weekly under the noses of the authorities and that brothels are full of thirteen year old Albanian virgins chained to beds servicing thousands of perverts lining a street near you in flasher macs. The truth is that although there are undoubtedly some degree of trafficking within sex work it is a lot less than in other industries and I mean a lot less. The truth is that most sex workers are ordinary men and women choosing to sell sex because it is preferable to lots of other work. It is work that is relatively well paid and is more accommodating to women with children especially than most forms of labour. These dull facts however would not maintain a very lucrative rescue industry that motivated by greed likes to hype the figures in order to fill their coffers with tax payers money handed to them by gullible politicians eager to appear moral and good to a misinformed public. Welcome to the world of moral panic and emotional blackmail and sensationalism that the media relishes and politicians applaud and the rescue industry nourishes.
Well here is the blog with some very good links for activists and journalist to refer to:


Millions of USA government dollars are being spent to fight a crime that is extremely rare. The US government assumes that all prostitutes on Earth are sex trafficked slaves.
Forced into it against their will. This is NOT true of MOST Prostitution.

Below are some very important links and information about this, that you should read. It is important to let the truth be told. The lying people get all the press. It is time for the people who tell the truth to get the press.

The numbers of sex trafficking sex slaves:

There is a lot of controversy over the numbers of adult woman who are forced sex slaves. The real factual answer is that no one knows. There is hard evidence that the sex slavery/sex trafficking issue continues to report false information and is greatly exaggerated by politicians, the media, and aid groups, feminist and religious organizations that receive funds from the government, The estimate of adult women who become new sex slaves ranges anywhere from 40 million a year to 5,000 per year all of which appear to be much too high. They have no evidence to back up these numbers, and no one questions them about it. Their sources have no sources, and are made up numbers. In fact if some of these numbers are to believed which have either not changed or have been increased each year for the past twenty years, all woman on earth would currently be sex slaves. Yet, very few real forced against their will sex slaves have been found.


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  1. Belle de Jour
    11 April, 2011

    Great post, thank you.

  2. ms JUSTICE
    24 October, 2011

    OMG at last a proper and real article on the sex industry…. the oldest proffesion in the world. I guess it makes the police and the politicians and let us not forget the media who advertise their services and then scream pimp, look GOOD

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