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Daily Sport Goes Bust….

It was quite a shock to read that the Daily Sport and Sunday Sport has today gone into liquidation. Infamous for its sexual content and often outrageous headlines the sport epitomised Britain’s white van driver, heterosexual boys will be naughty boys culture and was filled with advertisements offering the services of working women and some men all across Britain.

Although aimed at the lower end of the sex market with many women working in brothels offering sexual services very cheaply the sport never the less catered for a huge market.

The Sport claim that business was hit badly during the severe weather in the UK over the Christmas period. Certainly it was a very quiet time for everyone in the sex business all over the UK. The question now however is where are all those who presently advertise in the Sport going to turn. Prices were not cheap to advertise and the revenue from advertising must have been substantial. Where will this money go now? An opportunity for someone to take advantage of a new gap in the market I guess.

Of course there will be the usual snobs who will applaud the end of a newspaper that offered endless ammunition to deride and to poke fun at. The point remains however that the Sport catered for a market, often very humorously. There is also the sad fact that a lot of people lost their jobs today and that is not good.

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4 comments on “Daily Sport Goes Bust….

  1. John
    1 April, 2011

    Another sad day for escorting. Yes advertising in there was HARD work, dozens of no shows, loads of hassle and Mr White Van Man’s usual opening oneliner “Details”

    Lineage was discounted for some but not all (it totally depended on who you were and how long you’d advertised for). There was probably about 1000 adverts in there every day just from working girls and boys, at around £30 a shot for lineage and £50 a shot for a box we’re looking at a substantial daily income from advertisers.

    A lot of parlours advertise in there as well as lone working girls and it catered for everyone. Yes it was marketed at the bottom end but the girls in there were not necessarily illegal or trafficked, most were just normal escorts who found a niche advertising at a different sort of level.

    With advertising mediums becoming ever scarce and no other national wanting to touch the lucrative sex industry market, where will these girls advertise. It’s safe to say that many of the “sport punters” were no savvy internet types who would scour the likes of adultwork. They were blokes in a Transit with a need for a quick fumble locally and cheap in between jobs.

  2. Douglas Fox
    1 April, 2011

    Yes I have advertised once or twice in the sport myself and its true to say that they were mostly nice guys but many were not computer literate or unable to access computers easily.

    It was also a fun paper if perhaps a little dated in its sexism. Never the less where are these people going to advertise now? This is huge market that will now find it hard to contact sex workers.

    I am sure some entrepreneur will step into the market somewhere.

  3. Madam Becky
    2 April, 2011

    Oh no! I love the sport. I advertised with them a lot over the years.

    They were a bit naughty and used my photos without permission, and ran a story about me with the headline…

    ‘I’ve spanked royals for £200’


    Shame, it’s sad to see them go.

    At least we can still rely on the Government and the rest of the media to make up lots of daft rubbish about people who like to have sex.

    Madam Becky

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