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We are Equals

The recent video of Daniel Craig supporting International Women’s Day has been shown, and has launched the new inequality debate website.  How will this new coalition of founding partners view sex workers rights?  Seeing the Fawcett society is one of the founders, I feel sex workers will be getting a bad deal.

It though was good to see that Dr Brooke Magnanti was asked to be a guest blogger on their site for today.  Not so good to see a very personal attack on Brooke from the first commentator. (M Smith)

What message are you sending out by letting this appalling person write a blog like this on your site? I am just horrified that you have done this and will recommend women no longer support your organisation.

Even worse still was the administrator of the blog who came rushing back, distancing we are equals from the content of Brooke’s blog entry.   Those two posts set the tone of all subsequent responses, with everyone supporting Brooke’s well reasoned arguments.

It will be interesting  to see if this organisation will support sex workers events relating to women sex workers.


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