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Hannah Morris abuse of process case

The Hannah Morris abuse of process case was heard today.  This was an extension to the previous half day.  The case is not yet over, and will continue again tomorrow.  It seems the police led her totally up the garden path.  They knew about her escort agency for years before she was arrested.  They had condoned her operation and had suggested that as long as to abided by some unwritten rules that she would not be in danger or arrest.  They had commented that the sooner brothels were legalised the better.

During her reporting of the incident, the police had said she was in not trouble, and  the information they required was to help investigate the criminal gang.  As soon as she divulged additional information about other premises, she was arrested and kept in the police cells for 24 hours.

Belinda Brookes Gordon attended the court case and sent a summary of the case by twitter as it happened.  Check out the feed http://twitter.com/#!/BelindaBG or look at the support she is getting from the http://twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23HMorris tag.


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