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As a practising Pagan I find societies horror of the Penis rather amusing and even a little disturbing. Considering half the population have them and with out them we would not exist as a species it is just a little weird that images of the Penis, especially an erect Penis are considered so dangerous for public morality that they are banned.

Any man who shows a flaccid penis in pubic never mind an erect one is likely to be charged with at least indecency and labelled a pervert and probably placed on some offenders register. How did we get to this ridiculous position?

Society has indoctrinated us all to be ashamed of our bodies which is very unhealthy. It is of course a reflection of a damaged collective psyche resulting from centuries of monotheistic indoctrination that human sexuality was something to be feared. The penis of course as the the most potent symbol of sexual pleasure was especially feared and banned.

In the past some strands of Christianity (and even some strands of Islam) have celebrated human sexuality as something joyful and sacred but have suffered for doing so at the hands of what became orthodoxy. Within Christianity for example early forms of Christian Gnosticism celebrated human sexuality as a something sacred in ways not dissimilar to our Pagan ancestors. They were of course horribly persecuted for doing so.

Before monotheism in its various guises forced itself upon humanity erect penises were understood to be a symbol of the divine and were to be found everywhere. The penis as an image blessing humanity was to be found in homes and temples and public buildings through out the world. (penis images as a blessing are still to be found in some parts of the world).

This book published privately in 1880 is a fascinating study of the penis as an object of devotion. It is interesting not only for its subject but also as a reflection of social attitudes toward that subject. Discussing the male penis as an object of worship was once considered so shocking that it was deemed only suitable for private distribution among members of society able to cope with such a shocking and unchristian subject. At least that attitude has changed, if only a little.

I have made it available on harlots because it is a fascinating read for those interested in sacred sexuality and because I believe that we as a society need to rediscover again the pleasure that our bodies give us and also to rediscover the spiritual and healing power of sex rather than always understanding sex as something dirty and shameful and even harmful.
I believe that we need to stop fearing what is normal and healthy. As a Pagan my religion is a fertility religion and my body and the bodies of my fellow humans are a joy and not something to be ashamed of or feared.

Enjoy reading this fascinating book.

Phallic Worship (The Masculine Cross) http://d1.scribdassets.com/ScribdViewer.swf?document_id=3014888&access_key=key-oe9gubclm32thqr6r79&page=1&viewMode=list

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One comment on “PHALLIC WORSHIP

  1. marybysshe
    25 February, 2011

    There is an interesting article here by a sex positive Christian about how those in control have distorted the view of sex in the Bible.


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