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HOMOPHOBIA IS NOT FUNNY. Please register your disgust at this advert.

I hope that most people who know me or who read this blog will appreciate that I am the last person to want to censor anything. I dislike censorship with a passion. As a gay man I am more than happy to accept the odd amusing remark, even sometimes rude remarks aimed at homosexuals if in the right context. I am not overly very fond of the politically correct lobby.
Having said all of this I was shocked by this advert for Lager. It is so blatantly homophobic. I can imagine children who are gay being deeply upset at the homophobia displayed as humour in this advert. It incites homophobia and justifies the crass remarks that perhaps passes as humour among some young men desperate to prove their heterosexuality. Can you imagine this advert being allowed if it were poking fun at black men, or Muslims or any ethnic community?

The advert is here. I have made an official complaint for the first time in my life to the advertising standards authority. I hope others will do the same. You can register a complaint

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3 comments on “HOMOPHOBIA IS NOT FUNNY. Please register your disgust at this advert.

  1. stephen parkin
    18 February, 2011

    I see that more as taking the piss out of the fear of homosexuality, than anything else.

    I had to go to youtube to see it: clicking on the embedded video takes you to the ASA.

  2. John
    18 February, 2011

    I disagree. He looks quite disgusted at it all. It’s not a good image to portray to their own customers who might happen to be gay

  3. John
    18 February, 2011

    I just clicked video and it goes to the video. Strange

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