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It is not only in Scotland that sex workers rights are being attacked by moralists. In Ireland their are plans to follow the example of Sweden and criminalise clients. Sex workers of course are not being consulted about this legislation. Pushing sex work under ground increases stigma, endangers sex workers and does nothing, absolutely nothing to stop sex work or trafficking. The Swedish legislation is a failure. Despite all the spin that the Swedish government puts on its own legislation it cannot provide any reputable, independently verified evidence that their legislation has had any real effect upon sex work in Sweden other than to push sex work underground and out of sight. That is not progress but the exact opposite of progress. SWAI in Ireland is trying to create at least a discussion around these proposals. if anyone can help please contact SWAI and offer what assistance you can.


Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI) are trying to get as much support at the moment as possible. There are plans to change legislation in relation to prostitution to criminalise the buyers of sex. To people who are not aware of sex worker issues internationally this may seem like a good idea. However, its proven to be a mad move in other countries with sex workers being put more at risk with their safety, human rights and civil rights being greatly affected.

SWAI would be grateful to any support that they can get. Labour and fine gael have both come out as supporting a change in legislation without any debate. There is no discussion and sex workers are not being involved or consulted despite being the people who are going to be most affected by this change in legislation. The government are confusing issues like trafficking and abuse with sex work in general and mashing them together. It has been taken on as a moralistic issue with ruhama leading it (a christian organisation)….its craziness not to at least open the discussions!

HELP!! I want to see if we can open peoples eyes. Perhaps the unit left alliance, socialist party or similar would hear our opinions and help us. we are not looking for legalisation..simply to stop further criminalisation which would further stigmatise and alienate these women and men.

If anyone could help us in our campaign or know anyone who could help by perhaps joining us in the mini marathon, helping us gain support by email or web based media, messaging people to make them aware of SWAI or in any way at all please contact SWAI through their web site.

The mini marathon is being held in May to raise awareness of the proposed changes in legislation.
SWAI web site and link to a face book page where you can be kept up to date with developments. “HERE”.

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  3. Leandrai
    27 February, 2011

    I have just sent you a mail…I might be worth my weight in gold on this one…

    What Ruhama is trying to do is selfish, self indulgent and quite horrifying.

  4. Stop-the-lights
    28 February, 2011

    The message of “STOP THE LIGHTS” will always be very simple:
    [*]Selling sex is always about money. People do not usually sell sex unless they need the money, pretty desperately.
    [*]Obstructing desperate people from earning the money they need to survive is not only unhelpful, it is actually destructive and abusive, particularly in a recession when a lot of ordinary, nice people are running out of options.
    [*]The only way to “end prostitution” is to ensure that everybody who sells sex has realistic, viable options that enable them to meet their individual needs adequately.

    If you can relate to that in any way, or know anybody who would be interested please pass the link around.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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  6. jemima101
    11 January, 2013

    The link to your site shows a 404 error. Would love to help.

  7. Elrond
    13 January, 2013

    The news page is missing. You can find the SWAI site at http://www.sexworkersallianceireland.org

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