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Lets be part of the solution. Part 2

Two very nasty people were jailed recently for people trafficking.  They duped 6 Romanian women to Manchester with promises of work.  They were raped and  forced into prostitution and made to work in Manchester’s brothels.  Marius Nejloveanu, 23 was given the longest ever prison sentence (for the UK) of 21 years for people trafficking, and his 51 year old father Marius Nejloveanu 6 years.

I write this because of a previous article on here which argues that sex workers should be part of the solution to trafficking.  Here is a perfect example where sex-workers and brothel owners were part of the solution.  The management of a brothel reported concerns for one of the women, and then police mounted an investigation.  Without that report from the sex industry, how much longer would these women have been abused.

Making brothels illegal does not help trafficked women. It makes it harder to report crimes.  Reporting crimes in a brothel normally result in charges against the brothel owner.  An example due to go to court in February is where a brothel, Hanna Morris, owner reported an attack on her flat.  She and her partner are now being charged with brothel keeping and money laundering.  There is an abuse of process court hearing at Guildford Crown court on Friday 4th.  The two crimianls, known to the police, who poured petrol through the flat, and threatened to burn it down were never charged.  It is believed they were never even interviewed.

Legalising brothels and allowing management and staff to report concerns  with out fear of  prosecution for brothel keeping crimes is the only way forward.  Brothels in Manchester work in a semi tolerated fashion, allowing reports of abuse to be made.

Manchester is also served by an organisation called Redline,  friendly to sex work, which allows trafficking and coercion concerns to be reported anonymously.  This organisation will investigate these allegations before passing on the details to the police.  Many of the massage parlours in Manchester are have signed up to this scheme and promote the anonymous reporting scheme.


4 comments on “Lets be part of the solution. Part 2

  1. Douglas Fox
    31 January, 2011

    Once again it is not the industry that is to blame for trafficking but rather small criminal gangs who try to infiltrate and use the industry. Again good reason to involve the industry in rooting them out.

  2. TAnders
    5 February, 2011

    Yes, please be part of the solution. Stop endorsing and perpetuating an industry that makes female bodies and female sexuality a luxury good. Because you can write posts like this thinking you are doing something, but your participation in prostitution is actually one of the biggest parts of the problem. As long as women’s sexuality is a lucrative commodity, there will always be a black market. So please take a good look at this issue and where your responsibility lies. Because prostitutes’ personal profits ARE ALWAYS at the expense of other women, and it’s time they stop denying that.

    • TAnders
      5 February, 2011

      Also: It’s not just trafficked women who are hurt by prostitution. All women are hurt by the notion of women’s bodies and sexuality being seen as a rentable service. Please start being honest about this fact.

    • elrond
      13 February, 2011

      Yes we want to be part of the solution, sex workers, good managers and clients. The solution must be total decriminalisation as in New Zealand where sex workers, clients, managers are able to report abuse without fear of recrimination and prosecution.

      I believe you come from the midwest of America where prostitution is illegal. In that country abuse and trafficking cannot be reported without reprisals to whistle blowers. Sex work will always be dangerous there, and there will always be exploited persons. When America wakes up to the harm being caused by its policies, then the future will be brighter.

      I can see that you have a hatred of prostitutes, that at least is an honest expression of your views. I personally have a hatred of religion and all the wrongs religion has forced on indigenous populations. I though don’t go out of my way to campaign against peoples personally held faiths, no matter how wrong I believe them to be..

      No matter whether it is prostitution, getting a drink or a better job, people have always their sexuality to better themselves. The taller and better looking people (not gender specific) generally earn more money and have better live styles and partners.

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