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Sweden proposes increasing the penalty for the purchase of sex

Sweden already imposes a maximum sentence of 6 month imprisonment for the purchase of sex.  The courts though have been more lenient and imposed fines of 50 days earnings. 50 days earnings in my book is quite a heavy fine.  Compare that with driving with out insurance in the UK!

Justice Minister Beatrice Ask, who has now proposed toughening penalties for those who are convicted to up to a year in prison. The maximum penalty for buying sexual services will increase on July 1st if the government has its way.  The government has now proposed making it possible for the courts to impose sentences of up to one year in prison.

What more can one say about these outlandish proposals that has not been said before.

Petra Östergren is a writer and social commentator who specialises in gender politics and prostitution issues. She is currently writing a report criticising the law with Swedish historian Susanne Dodillet that will be published in early March.

An outspoken critic of Sweden’s commercial sex laws, her views are at odds with other feminists.

“I just find it really curious what is happening right now,” Östergren told The Local on Thursday.

2 comments on “Sweden proposes increasing the penalty for the purchase of sex

  1. Douglas Fox
    27 January, 2011

    I think Sweden just gets weirder and weirder. It is quite worrying for human rights that any government in the supposed liberal west would want to force such draconian legislation upon its citizens.

    It does however suggest desperation. The law is not working so we will increase the fear factor to impose our moral opinions upon the people. That remind anyone of anyone from history?

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