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Swedish footballers convicted of buying sex

From the Swedish Local Newspaper

Hedman, who stood between the posts for Sweden’s national side between 1997 and 2004, admitted to police that he had sex with a young Romanian girl in a friend’s apartment in February 2010.

However, he claimed he had no idea the woman was a prostitute, an argument which the Stockholm District Court accepted when it acquitted Hedman in September.

But prosecutors appealed the ruling, and on Monday the Svea Court of Appeal overturned the acquittal, finding Hedman guilty of violating Sweden’s laws prohibiting the purchase of sexual services and fining him 2,500 kronor ($360).

While the court accepted that no proof could be presented that Hedman had paid directly to have sex with the woman, it argued that he should have realised the women who came to the apartment were prostitutes or paid escorts on account of their clothing and make-up and the fact that they spoke English with a thick accent

A subsequent article in the Local points out the dangerous aspect of this decision.

The “must” in the above sentence leaves me very troubled. Dressed-up women with lots of make-up who speak with accents “must” be seen as whores by law-abiding citizens, sober or not.

This is now settled law according the court of appeal.

Imagine all those whores running about the streets of Newcastle on any weekend evening.  This is basically what the appeal court is stating, and women made up is a whore.

On a more liberal note, a commentator on the Punternet site pointed out this blog entry about Reforming Swedish Law on prostitution.  Alas I don’t know who it is written by.  The article argues from a sex workers right.  The article contains a summary of the arguments used by radical feminists in their battle against prostitution, with very good counter arguments to each point . Oh I wish this had a chance of happening.


5 comments on “Swedish footballers convicted of buying sex

  1. Douglas Fox
    18 January, 2011

    As I have pointed out Feminism is now in the business of controlling women women it seems.

    Finding a way to fight this growing intolerance of freedom is essential.

  2. George
    18 January, 2011

    At Scot-PEP, we had a similar issue. The local police in Edinburgh were going to target street-based sex workers who, they believed, were on their way to work. When we asked how they would be able to identify such women, their answer was along the lines of “the way they are dressed.”

  3. HugeHedon
    21 January, 2011

    Thanks for the comment regarding our article (Reformera Sexköpslagen, Reforming the Swedish Sex Purchase Law). It’s written by me (random pseudonymous person) in cooperation with Swedish politician and former MP Camilla Lindberg — http://camilla-lindberg.blogspot.com/ , whose views on these issues often in Sweden are considered as “extreme”, “hyperliberal” etc. We’ve also worked together a bit with Swedish sex worker’s activist Pye Jacobsson of Rose Alliance (I won’t link to it to avoid ending up in the spam filter). I’m glad you liked the argumentation. (Drop me an email if you want to get in touch with any of us.)

    • Douglas Fox
      23 January, 2011

      Thank you. Certainly if there is anything that you can contribute to harlots with reference to sex work within Sweden we would be very grateful.

      I would be happy to list your blog on harlots as well with your permission.


      • HugeHedon
        23 January, 2011

        > I would be happy to list your blog on harlots as well with your permission.

        Oh, of course, please do!

        When it comes to expertise about sex work issues in Sweden, I think Rose Alliance (lead by activist Pye Jacobsson) is a very good bet. http://www.rosealliance.se/ Also, I think Laura Agustín, to whom you’re already linking, is resident in Sweden and should know quite a bit.

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