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I would like to offer all of our readers and authors a very Merry and joyful festive season. A big thank you for all of your contributions through out the year. I am very pleased at the small contribution that Harlots and our readers and our fans make to the world wide struggle for justice. To win the battle for sex workers rights is also to win an important battle for universal justice for all minority groups and for individual liberty of conscience for all consensual adults. Liberty is so important but we often do not value it highly enough until we losse it.

I hope you like the image I have chosen. It represents a virgin (in its original sense of a strong independent woman) holding a child that represents hope. I thought that this was not only a seasonal representation for those who are religious but also an image suggesting that 2011 will be a year everyone can look forward to with anticipation.
I will be posting very soon for example about ways in which sex workers can contribute to a review being carried out by the UK government and of course we have all read about the possibility of exciting things happening in Canada and even Taiwan.
All over the world the struggle for sex workers rights go on.
Over the years sex workers have learned to accept the good and the bad and to never to give up hope. We are survivors and a tenacious group who have always been able to adapt to what ever situation society throws at us. This is why our enemies will never win.

So please everyone have a wonderful festive break and look forward positively to a new year.

Be safe and Bright Blessings to everyone
Douglas and all the authors on Harlots Parlour.

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This entry was posted on 24 December, 2010 by in Religion.
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