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Survival sex workers deserve their day in court

Via “Dr Michael Goodyear”. I came across a link to this excellent article on a blog by David Edy which discusses the extent that the Canadian government is prepared to go to thwart one of the most disadvantaged groups of people (street sex workers) from obtaining justice.
The Canadian government has almost unlimited resources from which to draw (tax payers money) and with which to pay for the very best legal advice. The government are using these resources to create costly and unnecessary legal obstacles in the hope (no doubt) of bankrupting the small non profit lobby group that is representing the street sex workers who recently won an amazing “victory”. in the Canadian province of Ontario after years of exhausting representation to the supreme court.
David Edy suggests in this piece that perhaps lawyers may work for free or at reduced rates to stop this travesty of justice from taking place. Lets see what happens.

By David Edy:

How law pushes people to the margins, and keeps them there

Our federal government’s lawyers are doing the best they can to shut a small but determined group of survival sex workers out of court. At least tens of thousands of tax dollars, but likely far more, are paying a team of talented government litigators to exhaust the financial and legal resources of this group of the most marginalized members of our society.

This group of desperate women would like to tell the court that Canada’s sex work laws put them at serious health and safety risks. Instead they’ve spent years arguing for their right just to be in court.
Canada’s lawyers have just served their legal notice to the non-profit Sex Workers United Against Violence society, saying that they’d like the sex workers to prove to the Supreme Court of Canada that they have a right to be in court. Because apparently the legal point about access to justice for everyone isn’t quite obvious enough.

Never mind that the sex workers are the poorest and most desperate residents of B.C., never mind that their lawyers are working for free and giving up hundreds of hours of paid work to do so, never mind that the highest court in B.C. just finished telling the government that the sex workers have a right to be in court.

Read rest of article “HERE”.

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