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I was made aware through a face book link of yet another “American Pastor”. being delighted that he and the church that he leads is being listed as a HATE group. He and his church are being listed because of their hatred of homosexuals.

It is not so much his views and interpretation of his religion that I find disturbing but rather the pride he obviously takes in his hate of homosexuals. His is not the only group of course who love to hate or his the only faith group that relishes in preaching hate.

In many Islamic countries homosexuals and religious minorities are especially targeted in hate campaigns. In Pakistan a young “Christian woman” is in prison and sentenced to death because of accusations of blaspheming against the Islamic prophet Mohamed. The Mullah in her village that made the accusations was reported to have cried tears of joy when he heard that this young woman had been sentenced to death.

How much human effort goes into preaching hate and then putting that hate into physical action is disturbing. It is even sadder that so much hate revolves around religion. I worry that any God should ever want his/her followers to devote so much energy to such a negative and destructive emotion as hate and that they should seem to relish in that hate and take unmistakable pride in protesting their hatred usually for minorities.
Many religious people of course are good, decent people who find the extremists as disturbing as I do. Many religious go out of their way to support individuals and minority groups often at great cost to themselves especially in countries with powerful religious institutions supported by governments as in Pakistan.

But that is how it is.

I was then presented with a list of groups and individuals in America who have taken a strong ideological stance against sex work. Again it was scary stuff to realise that there was so many. The similarities were striking. Once again it seems that another stigmatised and vulnerable group was being targeted by some very wealthy and powerful institutions, many also with links to religion.

There seems to be a pattern.

Sex work groups in contrast to anti sex work campaign groups have very little monies or resources to call upon to combat the constant propaganda generated and targeted at a media hungry for salacious stories and politicians eager to please a powerful media. It is hardly surprising that it often seems an uphill task trying to present the truth about sex work.

As a Pagan, a gay man and a sex worker it is worrying to think that so many people hate you just for not being what they expect or want you to be.

So while I build myself a nice bunker in which to hide enjoy reading the American lists and erm worry because remember these lists represents just America.

And apologies in advance if I have missed any groups….

Full listing of gay hate groups:

Compare to prostitution hate groups in the USA:


These links were supplied by “Marc of Frankfurt”.


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This entry was posted on 6 December, 2010 by in Human Rights, Safety.
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