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Red light fight: sex work in Taiwan

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Massive debts pushed her into prostitution. Now, after several false starts, she’s pocketing $3,000 in a good month, turning tricks as a self-employed Taipei street-walker.

The money’s good, she says, but there’s just one problem: the cops. Prostitution is illegal in Taiwan, and the cops have several times hauled her in for three days in jail, or a fine up to $1,000.

If sex work is legalized in a year’s time as now planned, though, she says her working conditions will improve.

“I can be more relaxed at work,” said the sex worker, who gave only the name “Nadia,” in an interview in Taipei. “I won’t have worry so much about the cops; worry that they’ll come and catch me. I won’t be afraid of anyone bullying me.”

Read rest of article “HERE”.


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