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French Parliament seeks the facts on prostitution

It appears that the French parliament is to seek facts on prostitution. Provided they listen to sex workers this may be a good thing. It is certainly something our Parliament should do. The previous Labour government here in the UK certainly did not listen to sex workers but rather to bigots with the result that the UK has had to endure yet more bad legislation that has further alienated sex workers and made their work more dangerous.
What I find particularly fascinating is that the Swedish solution to the so called sex work problem, much loved by so called feminists, has led to an increase in the involvement of organised crime. No surprise of course to sex workers but the joke is that the anti sex worker lobbyists will now use that criminal involvement to justify their demands for their bad laws that have created the market that criminals now exploit.
If it was not so sad it would actually be quite funny.

That aside this article by By Alison Hird explains what is happening in France:

Prostitution isn’t illegal in France but since the so-called Sarkozy II law of 2003, soliciting is. And it’s made life for prostitutes tougher and more dangerous. With a fact-finding mission on prostitution underway at the National Assembly, many are hoping for a change in the law.

“France has a dreadful legal system concerning prostitution, full of contradictions. Because prostitution is tolerated but soliciting is a crime. […] It’s made the milieu of prostitution and the work itself a lot worse.”

Françoise Gil, sociologist and founder of the association Femmes de droit, Droit des Femmes representing prostitutes, echoes the views of campaign groups, and both the Socialist and Green party, that the law needs changing.

The Internal Security law of 2003 included an article making passive soliciting a crime, punishable with up to a fine of 3,750 euros and a two-month prison sentence.

“Just standing in a place known for prostitution, at night, means you can be arrested for soliciting,” says Gil.

To escape arrests and fines Gil says women have increasingly moved off the streets and into places such as woods or industrial estates where they’re less visible but far more vulnerable.

“They’ve slashed their prices and are doing acts they used to refuse like unprotected sex, kissing on the mouth.”

The number of women with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) has increased since the law was passed she adds.

Ethnologist Marie-Elisabeth Handman, co-author of a major report Prostitution à Paris says the law has actually increased the number of pimps.

“The young men who live around [the woods] found it very easy to become pimps of these women. If the morality of all that was to get rid of the pimps, then, no, it’s made it worse.”

The law defines pimps as anyone helping prostitutes or benefitting from their revenue. It’s therefore prevented women from working in groups, sharing flats and looking out for one another, since they’d be accused of “reciprocal pimping”, says Handman.

Read rest of article “HERE”.


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One comment on “French Parliament seeks the facts on prostitution

  1. Douglas Fox
    28 November, 2010

    It would seem that the alleged comment from Strass re mafia involvement on the ferry was/is with out any evidence. No one from Strass appears to have made the comment.

    Like so many such comments about the involvement of organised crime it seems a little piece of fabricated titillation.

    Is this not always the case in any reports about sex work?

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