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It is funny how selective the media is in the stories it covers and in how it covers those stories.
Sex workers for example are almost always depicted as victims, inevitably as street workers with all the assumed associations with drug abuse and other social problems that are part of the stereotype we all too easily accept as fact.

Occasionally we, that is sex workers, are depicted as glamorous, high class tarts on the make.
However we are depicted it is usually as social parasites, undesirables, not something one would want to be or to be associated with. In short the media perpetuates our social exclusion by emphasising our perceived differences to what is normal society and normal behaviour.

Similarly gays and Lesbians; despite their high prominence within the arts and the within the media and despite in the west a general tolerance and acceptance of differences in sexual orientation. Despite all of this; is it not odd that when a dramatic and worrying change within the United Nations definition of what should not be considered justification for discriminatory execution is removed from gay people that little or nothing is heard, no protests in the media.

For the last 10 years sexual orientation has been included in a list of discriminatory grounds for executions that is unacceptable to the United Nations. This has now changed. African nations have won, all be it narrowly, a vote for the removal of the protection of the United Nations for gay, lesbian and trans men and women by removing sexual orientation from this list of unacceptable reasons for execution.
Although the United Nations has never stopped Nations executing and persecuting people because of their sexual orientation the fact that sexual orientation has been removed from a list of unacceptable reasons justifies the barbarism of countries like Iran and Iraq and Nigeria and the Sudan.
In these countries gay men especially; as well as trans men are targeted for torture and execution.

We also have to consider what sort of message does this send to homophobes here in the west? The UN seems to be justifying their ignorance, their intolerance and their hatred.

The fact the media has mostly ignored this change I think tells us something unpleasant about our own society and tells us that those in positions of authority are perhaps not as tolerant as we assume. It also explains why sex worker voices or the voices of any discriminated against minorities are rarely heard within the UN

You can read more in the “Pink Paper.


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This entry was posted on 25 November, 2010 by in Government Reviews and Change.
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