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The Criminalisation of the Purchase and Sale of Sex (Scotland) Bill

Trish Godman was roundly defeated this year when she tried to introduce a clause into the Scottish Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill making the purchase and advertising of paid sexual services a criminal offence. Not only was the clause defeated in committee, but when she and her supporters brought their bill before the whole of the Scottish Parliament it was again soundly defeated, with only the Labour party supporting her.

With all predictability she is still campaigning to criminalise the purchase of sex, with the detrimental affect this will have on sex workers in Scotland. It is no coincidence there is more danger to sex workers, and greater percentage of vulnerable street sex workers in Glasgow then there is in Edinburgh. Glasgow is a hostile place to sell sex and to buy sexual services. In contrast Edinburgh licences brothels and the police inspect them making Edinburgh a much safer place for sex workers.

Although Trish Godman is retiring in May 2011, she is still intent on getting her name on a bill criminalising the client. On Thursday 25th November she is introducing a Members bill:- The Criminalisation of the Purchase and Sale of Sex (Scotland) Bill this will appear in the Scottish Parliament Business Bulletin on 25 November and will be open for consultation from 25 November until 18 February.

Instead of phaffing around wasting so many peoples time, with a bill that will seriously harm sex workers, wouldn’t it be useful that this time and money was spent helping those who are vulnerable. Just a thought.


5 comments on “The Criminalisation of the Purchase and Sale of Sex (Scotland) Bill

  1. Douglas Fox
    24 November, 2010

    Is there any way that our readers can help?

    Sadly it is the labour party that is the regressive party of intolerance and zealots who seem to care nothing for human rights or human dignity.

    I feel so sorry for those sex worker activists who have wrapped themselves in the colours of labour and who have found themselves betrayed by labour.

  2. G
    24 November, 2010

    ScotPEP, as ever, will be involved in the resistance. We helped to facilitate it last time round, and we will be there again.

  3. Douglas Fox
    24 November, 2010

    Any way that either myself or the readers of HARLOTS can offer any assistance in any way please let us know.

  4. G
    24 November, 2010

    Thanks, Douglas, we will.

    It’s early days, of course, but I just feel incredibly frustrated that we have to go through this all again so soon. Such a waste of time, energy and public money.

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