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Why We “Run In Packs”

Because when you’re a whore, the only person who truly understands is another whore.

I found an excellent quote on Feminisnt.

“I think that one of the hardest things that sex workers today face is that if they are out at all… and if they are proud at all, there’s such a burden to have to all the time be like, ‘No, I do sex work and it’s great and let me tell you why,’ to change people’s perceptions.  And the fact is that it’s not great all the time, a lot of the time it sucks, because it’s a job and they all suck.  And all service industry jobs are basically the same- you get clients that are rude or smelly, or distasteful in whatever ways, and you know, it’s like anything else.  I know I don’t feel comfortable talking about that to other non-sex worker people, like shitty clients that I had, or times when I felt like I did the totally wrong thing, or times when I was really scared or times when I was just like, ‘Ugh, I so don’t want to go to work,’ or whatever it is.  The fact is that it’s just like anything else, but like when there’s so much against you, you’ve got to be like, ‘No no no no no, it’s rad, all the time.’ And I think that’s hard.”

— Penny, in Alexandra Lutnick’s article “Survey Says: Job Satisfaction?”, from  $pread Magazine.

It’s true. When you run around having to constantly try to convince anyone who’ll listen that you have actually chosen this line of work and that you love it (shock horror), then you can’t bitch about it when you have a rough day.

It seems to be all or nothing.

So we tuck ourselves away in our online communities and we complain to each other in private. It doesn’t mean we love the job any less.

Furry Girl’s article is here


One comment on “Why We “Run In Packs”

  1. Douglas Fox
    18 November, 2010

    SO very true.

    I love my work but do I love every client? NO

    However if you talk about sex work as a sex worker you have to be so careful about everything you say publicly. If you say something negative about the industry or about sex work then Anti sex work groups will jump on it and exaggerate those words as proof that they are right and that we are liars when we say that we love our profession.

    It is so stupid.

    Every form of labour has its good days and bad days for all sorts of reasons. It could be you or it could be the weather or the clients or a hundred silly annoying things. But that is life.

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