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Madam Becky, interview for 5 Live News. The Modern Face of Prostitution, Middle Class Prostitution

Madam Becky an ex brothel owner from the UK was interviewed by 5 Live News, dispelling  the myths about prostitution. The myths that most  sex workers don’t have control of their lives, are abused or come from abusive backgrounds, are on drugs, work the streets and are trafficked.

MB maintains that  the women she came in contact with, and the most successful are in their late 20’s to 40’s are often from the caring professions, like nursing.  She saw a growing proportion of middle class women entering the profession to supplement their life style. They are working for a better life, and have made the decision to work in the sex industry and feel empowered by the job.

This view is backed up by recent independent research in the UK by Suzzane Jenkins from Keele University in a paper Beyond gender: an examination of exploitation in sex work She found that most women working in the sex industry were in their 30’s to 40’s, and  most frequently had been working 3-5 years, suggesting that very few had started working as sex workers in their teens, oe even early 20’s.  The  large majority were empowered by their work, respected their clients and felt their clients respected them.  She  found  a third held BA degrees and 18% held post graduate degress.

Unfortunately 5 Live News still deem it necessary to cut in scenes from street workers. It will take time to educate the media from the standard stereotypes.


One comment on “Madam Becky, interview for 5 Live News. The Modern Face of Prostitution, Middle Class Prostitution

  1. Douglas Fox
    19 November, 2010

    The media just cannot help themselves can they. They have to play to the stereotype of the victim standing on the street corner.

    It is as though they cannot cope with the dull ordinariness of the job and need to sleaze/sex it up for their benefit.

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