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Johnson press set to publish escort adverts again

Harriet Harmen had a victory two years ago, when she pursuaded Johnson Press not to publish escort adverts.  Since then the Government has changed, there is a recession, and there are public service cut backs.

Johnson Press have issued an Interim Management Statement on 10th November. This shows a decrease in advertising revenue in the last quarter of 5.4%; following a decrease of 6.3% in the quarter before that. Adverts for public sector jobs, often lucrative spreads, have fallen by 29.1% in the same period. Johnson Press shares are trading at a mind-boggling low of 10p per share.

They publish around a third of the local newspapers.

Maybe it is the change of Government, or more likely they are hurting, they are now moving back into the lucrative market of publishing escort adverts, where a small box entry will cost you £140 + VAT.

Will they recover this advertsing, I expect a few will go back to it,  many will not bother.  In the last two years advertisers have found new and cheaper advertsing outlets, and clients have learnt to look else where.


2 comments on “Johnson press set to publish escort adverts again

  1. Douglas Fox
    17 November, 2010

    Adult advertising has always been a rip off. Anyone who actually produces a publication that takes adult adverts at a reasonable and sensible price would I think make a killing.
    As things are advertisers often charge you double or more for the privilege of advertising with them. They do this because they can because the opportunity to advertise adult services are limited.
    It will be interesting if they do get the escorts back or if their greed and their cowardice in the face of a governments ideological attack on the activities of consenting adults will result in the sex industry giving them a well deserved two fingers.

  2. peter schevtschenko
    21 November, 2010

    it was interesting to note that some papers continued with the adverts,those papers were part of the daily mail group(which also publishes loot that has adverts)the daily mail are no friends of the labour party,so were unlikely to take notice of a labour govt!

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