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Oppose the ‘nil policy’ on adult venues in Hackney and other boroughs

The London borough of Hackney are proposing to close all adult venues within their jurisdiction. This will close all sex shops, strip clubs and lap dancing clubs. Presently there is only one sex shop in the borough but a number of lap dancing clubs and other venues will be affected.

A face book page has been created to fight this discriminatory policy that targets adult venues. These are business that provide employment and who create revenue for the borough. They are businesses that bring pleasure and enjoyment to thousands of consenting adults.
This is state sponsored censorship at its worst. It is effectively a minority of moralists in positions of authority using that power to force everyone to conform to their ideology. Telling others what they should think and how they should behave and what they should watch or enjoy is dangerous. History has taught us to be wary of moralists and of ideologies that want to censor freedom.
Adults in a free society who pay taxes and who contribute financially to the community should be treated as adults and allowed to engage in consensual activity without being censored provided they are not causing harm to others. People of course have the right to disapprove but that disapproval should never take away the rights and freedoms of others.

Freedom is so very precious and consensual adult activity SHOULD like freedom of speech be protected as an absolute right. Policies like these being proposed by the borough of Hackney are not only discriminatory but abusive. There is no justice in these policies. They instead represent the cruel face of a cruel morality that is based on a skewed and perverse misunderstanding of feminism…..People, however they feel about the sex industry must fight back.

Please join the face book page “HERE”


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This entry was posted on 16 November, 2010 by in Campaigns and Groups.
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