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“Sex – It’s just a job”

Photographer Katherin Grissemann has taken photographs that challenges societies pre concieved ideas of how a sex worker should look.

The common conception of prostitutes and our estimation of them in our minds are always preceded by images which are woven into contemporary discourse, both historically and in terms of the media. Almost every photographer or artist, be they famous or unknown, will have tackled the subject, and helped to purport the myth which shapes the idea of sex as a job.
Kathrin Grissemann chose a different way, approaching the subject more carefully and most importantly getting to know people. In a certain sense it could be said that she overcame the semantics of imagery that we are confronted with via the widespread and standardized use of images on the subject of prostitution and prostitutes.
When you scratch the surface, then people like you and I emerge. Men and women who simply “don’t look like that”.
Kathrin Grissemann removes the context, switches off the red lights and takes them away from the streets, limousines, pseudo-glamour, the red or the black clothes, the stigma, the brothels, and the ubiquitous debate about whether they are all victims to reveal the actual people behind the escort girls, rent boys, strippers, hostesses and dominatrices. Read rest of article“HERE


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