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The Dangerous and Cruel Art of Scapegoating.

I came across this excellent presentation on the use of scapegoating by anti sex work campaigners and its dangerous consequences. The recent scapegoating of craigs list by anti sex worker groups using hyped up and ridiculous claims that they, craigs list were responsible for allowing traffickers to exploit huge numbers of children is highlighted as an example of how dangerous this form of scapegoating can be.
Closing down transparent areas of advertising where real perpetrators of abuse can be traced, endangers further those being exploited. By forcing all sex workers, including those genuinely being exploited to become practically invisible makes it harder for law enforcement to contact the exploited and to take action against those doing the exploitation.
These crusades against sex workers actually aids traffickers while denying human rights and enforcing prejudice and social exclusion and stigma on the majority of sex workers who are neither trafficked or exploited but who make an informed decision to sell sex.. It is unfair, unjust and cruel.

What is worse is that the hysteria over sex trafficking, which even the most generous estimates guess to be around 10% of all trafficking world wide results in the majority of victims of traffickers, those 90% that are trafficked and abused through non sexual trafficking being ignored. How often do we ever read about any other kind of trafficking abuse other than sexual trafficking? How much effort and private and public funding is thrown at those advocates for sexual censorship and the abolition of sex work which results in 90% of trafficking victims being ignored and which does nothing to help those 10% of genuine victims of sexual trafficking?

Anti sex traffickers are not however really interested in saving or even helping victims of sexual trafficking but are more concerned with a moral crusade against those who do not have sex in a manner approved of by them. This is the simple but unpalatable truth that we must all be aware of. The media and politicians play their game because sex sells copy, gets head lines, gets votes. It is plain and simple and it is why the public must be alerted and why sex workers themselves have to stand up and fight not only for their rights but for the human rights and civil liberties of eveyone.

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