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SWEDEN. A Warning.

I received this piece from one of our readers and I thought that he raised some interesting points which perhaps may be worth commenting on.

Wednesday 22nd of September and I am awoken by BBC Radio 4 as I often am with some worrying news. It seems that Radio 4 take great delight in depressing the population only this time it has a rather portentous flavour to its item.
It seems that for the first time in history a majority female government has been formed which although in its self doesn’t seem to offer too much in the way of concern gathers a rather scary synthesis if you connect this fact with what might happen in other countries if this governmental gender alignment was achieved.
The female government of Sweden is remarkable as they (women) have had the vote for only 40 years. I know little of the country outside the watch/ski/army knife stereotype and do not wish to know anymore but if it can happen in that conglomerate of tongues it could happen here.
What’s wrong with that you may ask? You men with a lack personal politic, your heads in the clouds, thinking to yourself, a majority female government would only introduce free sanitary products, allow haphazard parking to be legal and offer free tissues to be distributed for the breaking out in tears at any time syndrome. However insignificant and silly these sexist stereotypes surrounding the so called fair sex are, they could also be the blinkers that we need to discard if we wish to retain our liberty.
If that’s what you think a majority British female government would act like then think again: how about this for a reality. Harriet Harman Prime Minister, Home sectary Jackie Smith, Chancellor of the exchequer Fiona Mactaggart. The police force Commissioner Julie Bindle, Director General of the BBC Joan Smith.
I might be exaggerating the Bindel/Smith threat but not the others. They have all been in the past cabinet ministers and only the fact they there were a minority (and in Mactaggart’s case being openly mad) within the government and within their own party stopping them from their clear agenda to openly criminalise men who buy sex and by doing this subjugate and silence women who sell it.
Libertine men have a real dilemma. The majority of us wish for real equality with women. We after all recognise the importance of sex workers not only in helping us shake off the stress and pressure of this unfair world but also that they do a great deal of social good helping the disabled population and their own families as well. As a consequence it would be a little nonsensical for us to argue for a return of patriarchal inequality this being the philosophy which is so closely linked to church, state and hypocrisy.
So what to do? We all know about unfair laws against men in matters around housing, children and the courts as well as the reporting and publicity around rape cases. We argue about these unfair facts without coming across as misogynistic and must continue to do so.
Yet we must be aware that gender is only biological and for that biology to have a voice it must be clothed in the ideological and feminist ideology is ultimately reactionary.
I spoke to an American Journalist who described herself as a pro sex feminist. She was pro woman, pro sex worker and pro male: But I fear that her wing of the feminist movement is not in the ascendancy as far as that battle for equality is concerned: I hope I am wrong.
In the meantime we must increase the awareness of the right wing nature of the feminazi movement and keep our eyes open. We do not want to be like the hare in the fable and realise too late that the underestimated tortoise has crossed the line. A harsh lesson it would be especially from behind the bars of a prison.

David Sebastian


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3 comments on “SWEDEN. A Warning.

  1. Douglas Fox
    24 September, 2010

    There is a real danger when any minority group with a strong ideological message are given an opportunity to impose that ideology. Where we have seen social engineering imposed through state oppression and bullying we inevitably see gross injustice.
    Imposing an ideology of gender equality through legal sanctions that ignores human rights and pays no attention to evidence and which tramples on the legitimate aspirations of women and men equally is hardly progressive but rather the opposite.
    Sweden, Iceland and others among the tiny Nordic states have rushed down this ideological path for they claim the good of their respective nations…..If people are hurt or their lives destroyed so what they argue. Look at Cambodia as an example of anti sex work campaigners causing untold misery which they conveniently ignore. The ideology is what is important not people and certainly not justice.
    Sweden is certainly a warning which we all need to listen to I think.

  2. David Sebastian
    25 September, 2010

    100% agree the only problem is how much of a minority are the anti sex indusrty feminists.

    That is why this blog and others is so important. Your comments are always fair and even but now maybe the time is to be more brazen in our response.
    It is interesting that Sweden has now been exposed as a more right wing anti imigration country then it wanted the world to see.

    This is at the heart of its anti sexworker/customer policies and maybe now it is time to expose our own feminist hypocrites for what they are (sorry to pro sex feminists for my language)

  3. peter schevtschenko
    26 September, 2010

    swedens moral supremacists are a minority but a minority that are in power,whats needed is a more enlightened govt that will listen to sex workers instead of ignoring them

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