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I just love and admire the bravery and tenacity of these sex workers who despite suffering at the hands of their so called saviours carry on fighting for the right to work and for justice. Where is Amnesty International? Where are the human rights groups? We have a duty to ask why these groups are so silent when sex workers are abused by a rich and powerful rescue industry?
It is essential that the world bears witness to the truth. It is essential that the world understands what the rescue industry is responsible for in countries like Cambodia. It is time that the world wakes up to the reality of what happens when rescuers enforce their ignorance and prejudice rather than listen to sex workers demands for justice and for human rights. Sex workers do not want or need Christian groups or government funded, ill thought out rescue; that results in rape, assault and abuse.
Sex workers everywhere must spread their message and inform the public about the truth.
I would really like to hear more on Harlots from sex workers in Asia and learn how they are dealing with ill thought out and ill judged rescue groups who obviously cause so much damage and hurt.

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