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‘Establish state brothels’: Christian Democrat

Sofie Jakobsson a Christian Democrat MP in Sweden has called for the Swedish government to open state controlled brothels. I have not doubt this will be considered an aberration by the Swedish establishment.
It does however suggest that even in perfect Sweden all is not as Sweden would have us believe.
This maverick MP perhaps reflects a growing unease, a mischievous underbelly of independent thought that very obviously has ruffled feathers by its very existence.
True Liberalism is about listening and creating legislation based on evidence not dogma. Liberalism is about confronting prejudice and challenging ignorance and superstition and age old patriarchal notions of good and bad people. Liberalism is about allowing personal freedom of action and of conscience, even to those with whom you disagree. Liberalism is about allowing people the absolute right to say no and to say yes and to take responsibility for their actions with the expectation however that the state will defend them with just and good laws based on evidence and not moral prejudice.
Rights are very precious and you cannot pick and choose which you want but that is what Sweden has done. It has given rights to some while denying rights to others because of an ideological position that assumes that the state has the right to own an individual. That is not liberalism but the exact opposite of liberalism.

The article is in the THE LOCAL.

A local Christian Democratic politician has called for Sweden to open government-controlled brothels, drawing a sharp rebuke from her party colleagues.

Sofie Jakobsson of Borgholm on the west coast of the island of Öland announced on Thursday that she supported the introduction of municipal or state-controlled brothels in Sweden, naming it one of the top three political issues that are most important to her on her website.

Jakobsson is the second delegate on the Christian Democrats’ ballot for the municipal council election in Borgholm. Jakobsson backs the proposal as a measure to combat human trafficking, but party colleagues reacted strongly against the proposal, saying it is contrary to the party line.

“The Christian Democrats are the party that most clearly out of all parties has stressed the importance of the law [against] buying sex and that it should be forbidden to buy sex in Sweden and other countries,” said Maria Fälth, chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Women’s Association.

“That Sofie Jakobsson says she wants to legalise brothel activity is something that conflicts with the party line as well as the Christian Democrats’ core values and vision of humanity. Her statement is highly inappropriate,” she added.

Jakobsson, who is a horse trader and restauranteur, emphasised that it is her personal opinion. She is also in favour of lowering the legal age for purchases from state retail alcohol monopoly Systembolaget to 18 from 20 and calls Margaret Thatcher her political role model.

“What she said in the survey is in no way sanctioned by us,” Mikael Almqvist, the top Christian Democrat delegate on the ballot, told local newspaper Ölandsbladet on Thursday. “This is the private person Sofie Jakobsson who spoke on behalf of herself and not the party.

Arne Sjögren, the third delegate on the Christian Democrat ballot, also rejected her statement.

“This did not seem well thought out at all,” he told Ölandsbladet on Thursday. “I think she regrets it.”


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