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I came across this article on a blog that I am just becoming aquainted with and though that our readers may like to read it and perhaps make comment. The blog is Paulo Longo Research Initiative

Sex workers rights activists are living in exciting times. We now have a formal mechanism for inputting into UN policy, the NSWP UNAIDS Advisory Group on HIV and Sex Work and the Commission on HIV and Law convened by UNDP is a golden opportunity for an authoritative recommendation that sex work be decriminalised. Substantial support for such a recommendation has already come from senior UN officials including the Secretary General and the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health.

When sex work began to be decriminalised in Australia more than 20 years ago I thought we were the first in a domino effect of collapsing sex work laws globally . I knew hardly anything of the outside world then. I now understand much better why the opposite has happened and why, with a couple of exceptions, laws against sex work have worsened for sex workers globally. Although those reasons are obviously varied and complex, I think the issue of removing laws against living off immoral earnings, brothel keeping etc has functioned as a ‘deal breaker’ that has impeded us forming the alliances we need to move the decriminalisation agenda forward globally. YOU CAN READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE.


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2 comments on “PIMP MY RIGHTS

  1. Douglas Fox
    13 September, 2010

    I made the following comment on the blog

    Good article.
    I am a gay male sex worker and my partner runs an escort agency representing women and gay/bi men.
    When I became involved in sex worker rights I spent most of my time defending myself from my fellow sex worker activists rather than fighting anti sex work groups.
    My crime was that I identified with sex worker managements and defended their rights along side the rights of every sex worker. I did not and still refuse to differentiate between sex workers. Anyone who makes money through selling sex is a sex workers in my opinion and all are affected by bad law and all need the protection of sex worker groups and unions equally.
    It is totally pointless to argue for decriminalisation of sex work if that is not also to include decriminalisation for sex worker managements. Sex worker managements are especially persecuted by authorities because they provide safe places for sex workers to work and where sex workers can be easily contacted and organised.
    Sex workers should have the same rights as any other worker. They should be able to choose how they wish to work. Either through a third party, in some form of cooperative, or as self employed independents working either alone or sharing with a colleague. Also they should have the choice to access union representation or not, the same as with health etc etc. If we want pensions and retirement facilities for sex workers etc then we will have to recognise sex work as a business with hirearchical structures similar to any other profession. I know my partner for example would like to offer private health care and even creche facilities for those he represents but to do this we first have to be treated like any other profession.

  2. xperimania
    13 September, 2010

    It’s a wonderful thing further progress


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