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Guardian Journalist request

I was contacted by a journalist for the Guardian to help with an article she has to write to a very tight schedule. She is anxious to speak to clients. If you can help you will have to contact her either this evening or first thing tomorrow. The article briefly is discussing if people are more open about buying sex and accessing sexual images. Her email is: amelia.gentleman@guardian.co.uk

Everything is of course confidential.



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One comment on “Guardian Journalist request

  1. Douglas Fox
    12 September, 2010

    This article has now appeared. Neither my opinions or any reference to Harlots were included (can’t think why) but I did leave the following comment.


    I contributed to this article (although my comments were not used) and helped the journalist contact clients as editor of http://www.harlotsparlour.com
    As a sex worker and someone who is editor of a sex workers blog I/we get so tired of hearing very dubious statistics being quoted as though they were fact.
    Most sex workers are on drugs? who says this rubbish? where is the link to the evidence and who has produced this evidence. Similarly those commentators who suggest that all sex workers only do sex work to feed a habit, where is the evidence for this statement?
    I am a sex workers and I do not take drugs and I personally don’t know any sex workers who do sex work in order to feed some drug habit.
    If the reference is about street sex workers then please say this because then, yes; a high percentage of street sex workers do have drug issues but street sex workers are a tiny, tiny percentage of sex workers.
    Do not just assume an association between sex work and drugs. Those who do this are simply using stereotypes of sex workers to excuse their own moral agenda and are not reflecting reality.
    68% of women in porn suffer from PTSD? Where is the evidence for this and is that evidence backed by independent academic analysis or is it evidence produced by those with an agenda?
    The hype and hysteria over trafficking is disingenuous and misleading. being foreign is not evidence of having been trafficked. There is nothing new in the trafficking debate that we have not been through before in history. Previously it was called the “white slave trade”. equally hysterical then equally filled with emotionalised fear stories which resulted in the moralists forcing regressive legislation whose purpose was to control women and create a moral panic.
    Yes trafficking does exist but the evidence suggests it is in tiny proportions but never the less the hysteria around trafficking is being used as an excuse to persecute sex workers. That is morally wrong not sex work
    Yes society is less censorious about sex. Governments and so called feminists with an agenda are creating a moral panic. Should we not ask them why? Question why if a man or a woman who makes a choice to sell sex they should be considered either a victim who has to be saved or as a criminal who has to be persecuted? Why if a man or woman buys a sexual service should they suddenly be assumed to be potential rapists and misogynists? Why if people access sexual images that somehow doing this will stop them from wanting to fall in love, marry and have healthy relationships?
    The phony idea that pornography creates an unhealthy obsession with female bodies which makes women feel inferior or inadequate or like objects?
    Anyone who accesses porn will soon realise that every body type and every imaginable fantasy is out there and this-simply reflects our imaginations as human beings. Porn is fantasy, nothing more than that.
    Women also access porn and use porn; it is not the reserve of men. Women who claim to be objectified are really saying something about themselves and cannot talk for all women. Should we not ask those women/people who make these claims if they have not been damaged by society? How can an image damage anyone? It is only our perception of that image that causes harm and that perception simply reflects societies prejudices which have corrupted us all from birth.
    I walk past brothels and lap dancing clubs ,as do mothers and fathers and children every day and I have never seen anyone one raped or murdered or abused.
    People using these establishments actually just want to work peacefully or visit quietly.
    If politicians actually wanted to help sex workers then they would decriminalise and consult with sex workers on how to regulate the sex industry just like any other industry. Criminalising and persecution will not help anyone but rather push the industry under ground and into the hands of real, dangerous criminals. History tells us what we should do but do we have the guts to listen?

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