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Nathalie Rothschild is commissioning editor of spiked and has written about the modern hysteria over modern slavery and trafficking.

She writes:

Following a series of Channel 4 TV programmes that charted the shocking stories of abuse and exploitation of so-called ‘modern-day slaves’ – women and children from abroad coerced to work in Britain as domestic servants and prostitutes – it is important to make one thing clear: slavery was abolished 200 years ago and it has not returned

In a response to the series of Channel 4 TV programmes that
charted the shocking stories of abuse and exploitation of
‘modern-day slaves’, Rothschild writes:

Read Rothschild’s article in full here.

Nathalie Rothschild is speaking in the debate Trafficking: new slave trade or moral panic? at the Battle of Ideas festival in London on Sunday 31 October.


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  1. Callboy
    8 September, 2010

    The Documentry:

    part 1 of 6

    Shame that Helen Mirren has taken a narrator job in this doku-fiction-soap.

    new reads on trafficking:
    Needs Assessment Toolkit on the Criminal Justice Response to Human Trafficking
    (92 pages, 1 MB)

    The International Council on the Human Rights Policy (ICHRP)
    * Sexuality and Human Rights: Discussion Paper
    * Irregular Migration, Human Smuggling and Human Rights
    * Corruption and Human Rights: Making the Connection
    * When Legal Worlds Overlap: Human Rights, State and Non-State Law

  2. Callboy
    8 September, 2010

    Maybe this is still the pivotal article and research:

    Inquiry fails to find single trafficker who forced anybody into prostitution

    Nick Davies
    The Guardian, Tuesday 20 October 2009


  3. Callboy
    9 September, 2010

    To be able to understand the trafficking case behind the drama documentary a little bit more, one has to read this from the trial and verdict in Plymouth 2009:

    Sordid world of sex slavery

    Sex trafficking gang jailed for 17-and-a-half years

    Long jail terms for brothel pair


    Everything of the horror story started when the later victim or rescued migrant sex worker in Thailand was given the hint or was pressured from her loan shark to work in UK, where she ended in sex work. She was fallen into depth bondage since her food company went bankrupt:

    “One evening the brothel maid or her gard went out and she fled. In terror she ran to a local shop, begging them for help. In what turned out to be a pre-planned safeguard, she had been given the number of a person who would protect her if things got bad in the UK. In fact it was a cynical ploy whereby if any girl escaped, they could be recaptured.”

    “There is coercion, but also a degree of acceptance. Even the unwilling ones, after 12 months of paying off their debt, become numb to it. There are lots of psychological twists to it. Even after you pay off your debt, back in Thailand there is the family shame of being a prostitute. You can’t rehabilitate yourself. So they carry on and form their own business, using other trafficked girls. They have the sense that this is the norm – that you pay your debt off and then you can make a great deal of money, certainly by comparison to earnings in Thailand. They don’t see it as particularly wrong because it was done to them.”

    “She was eventually repatriated to Thailand and taken into Witness Protection. However, she was re-approached by another trafficker who planned to send her to Australia.”
    I.e. she again wanted to migrate.
    “Fortunately a social worker with the Department of Social Welfare and Development in Bangkok had been assigned to Sue and she alerted the Royal Thai police.”

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