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Once again an attempt is being made to criminalise clients using the European parliament. It is interesting to read the proposal.

EU Client Criminalisation Proposal

by MEP Edit Bauer (Slovakia) and Anna Hedh (Sweden),

Art. 15.1 and 4 (pp. 21,22), (Art. 2.4, p. 15):

Read the proposal here here.

Debate scheduled for 14. September:


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  1. david Miles
    6 September, 2010

    Thanks for the infomation Douglas,

    but what does this mean if these nut nuts get this through. i have no knowledge of how European law works in relation to actual countries.

  2. Douglas Fox
    7 September, 2010

    To be honest I am not sure myself how the process works. I doubt they will get it through, it is not the frst time they have tried.

    Perhaps someone with more knowledge of how the European Parliamentary process works may want to comment.

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