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US: nationwide Craigslist crackdown?

Sienna Baskin, attorney with the Sex Workers Project, discussing the ways laws against prostitution hurt sex workers on the Alyona Show.


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We are a support group for people who work (or have worked) in the New York area sex industry. Visit us at http://pony212.wordpress.com/about

4 comments on “US: nationwide Craigslist crackdown?

  1. david Miles
    27 August, 2010

    Very good piece. It is a shame that Sienna copped out of saying that legalisation is the answer. I know that the issue is more complex but i feel that we must argue for legalisation as demand number 1
    Also we need to be more forceful in are seperation from the trafficking issue

  2. PONY
    28 August, 2010

    Thanks for your feedback David. PONY and other New York sex worker groups are more oriented toward decriminalisation. Legalisation is not as popular a concept in NYC as decrim.

  3. Douglas Fox
    29 August, 2010

    There is still a lot of confusion about decriminalisation versus legalisation and not only among the public. The media don’t really understand the difference and I think the the anti sex work groups often deliberately confuse the differences.

  4. PONY
    29 August, 2010

    Yes, that is true, Douglas. PONY has always taken a position of being for decrim, which means repealing the laws against our industry. It is not our role (or Sienna’s) to come up with new ways to police sex workers.

    Sienna did a good job of explaining the difference between legalizing and decriminalizing. She did not “cop out” of supporting legalization. She understands that legalization is often very punitive toward people who make their living in sex work.

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