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Go, Gabriela!

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A former prostitute turned anti-AIDS campaigner is making a run for state office in Brazil’s general elections in October.

Gabriela Leite, 59, [head of the NGO Davida which supports sex workers in Brazil], launched her campaign to become a Rio de Janeiro state congresswoman for the Green Party under the slogan “Puta Deputada,” punning a Brazilian term that can mean either “deputy whore” or “hell of a deputy”.
If elected, Leite has vowed to maintain her activism for rights for sex workers, according to her pamphlet published in the newspaper O Globo.
She has gained an international profile for launching a clothing label, Daspu, whose revenues go to providing a sort of pension for aging prostitutes and promoting prevention of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Further Reading

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3 comments on “Go, Gabriela!

  1. Douglas Fox
    21 August, 2010

    I have often thought that perhaps we need a sexworker political party, perhaps similar to that in Australia, here in the UK.
    However we also need a popular sex worker rights movement that involves and motivates the industry here in the UK.
    Now that I have stepped back a little from involvement in sex worker activism I have noticed once again how uninvolved and uninformed the actual industry is.
    It is a serious concern.

  2. stephenpaterson
    21 August, 2010

    Douglas, if you’re there, maybe the “sex workers’ cabinet” would be a fun post! Would do what? I can imagine quite a fight for the Chief Whip’s job, for example…

  3. Douglas Fox
    22 August, 2010

    Stephen dear I would be the last person ever called to serve in a “sex workers cabinet” LOL…

    I can imagine several people who are already there however 🙂

    Seriously if we had someone who could motivate popular support within the UK industry then potentially the sex industry could provide a focus for serious political debate. There is a huge amount of potential funding and support out there within the sex industry which is not being tapped…often for the most ridiculous reasons.

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