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Not Good: Women Who Have Been Abused While Performing In Pornographic Films

It is one thing if a woman performs in pornographic movies if this is truly what she wants to do; after all, it’s a free country, and consenting adults should be allowed to live their lives in their own way. However, women should never be forced to do this against their will – and, of course, they should never be abused in any way.

Here is a link to a blog post written by a lady who used to be a pornographic actress; it contains quotes from other porn actresses documenting physical abuse they endured while performing in these films. Again, I am in no way condemning ladies who perform in pornography (as a hooker, I am certainly no prude!); however, the abuse of women in the sex industry is deeply troubling.

“Porn is not glamorous. Get the facts.”

– Marie Brown (Silky)


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4 comments on “Not Good: Women Who Have Been Abused While Performing In Pornographic Films

  1. Douglas Fox
    18 August, 2010

    I have read a number of reports like this. I think porn is like any industry, including prostitution in that it can have a dark side.

    The obvious answer is more regulation but that often results in the porn industry moving to countries that don’t enforce that legislation or worse the industry goes underground; and as anyone who works in sex work knows from experience that is often much, much worse.

  2. Ruby
    18 August, 2010

    Just thought I should point out that Shelly Lubben runs the Pink Cross website, which is a site primarily geared at predation of vulnerable people in the adult industry. The ‘facts’ that they disseminate are medically and statistically inaccurate and dated and slanted primarily for the purposes of putting the fear of gawd into anyone who’s currently in the adult industry. Lubben herself only starred in about 4 or 5 movies altogether (after a background of prostitution) but saw fit to lay the blame for all of her emotional and physical damage at the feet of the adult industry – the last place it would belong, if Shelly Lubben was a mature human being who knew how to take responsibility for her actions and choices.

    Please do feel free to check out this link of a video by a YouTube user called JordanOwen42, who has done a wonderful job exposing Shelly Lubben as the beatific fraudster that she is:

  3. Douglas Fox
    20 August, 2010

    Sex work is a very convenient scapegoat for people with problems.

  4. Divinity33372
    23 August, 2010


    Truer words have never been spoken!

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