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Banners, Blogger & Boring Stuff


I am John, Douglas’s partner, I was the one who initiated, created and administered the move to WordPress and I have been astounded to discover how easy it was. I set the blog up as a test site to play around with one quiet weekend but I was able to have it all transferred and working within 2 hours.


Please please please spread the word. Do you know a parlour, sex store, escort agency, independent escort, resource site, in fact anyone in the industry who will do a banner swap with us. Please ask them to email us at dearharlot@googlemail.com and we’ll discuss a banner swap with them because we have a new banners page launching soon. We want to get the name out to as many people as possible and get Harlot’s recognised all over the globe. Banner exchanges will be free. I can’t do all the hard work myself, I just don’t have time but next time you’re chatting online, having a coffee or just generally having a bitch with a friend who works in this industry, ask them if they’d like a listing. We’d sure like to have a listing on their site.


A few people have asked Douglas about why the harlotsparlor.com name isn’t the primary web address on WordPress. Yes it’s still harlotsparlour.wordpress.com. As I said earlier, I did this one quiet Saturday morning when the phones in my own business were quiet, after much nagging and winging by Douglas for me to look at alternatives to the god awful blogger legacy site he was left with. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time on my hands since that day. We’re also in the process of moving harlots-parlour.com across to here but we can’t do that for a few more weeks. Harlots Parlour (as it was) will cease to exist as blogger site in the next few weeks. All of the topics have been moved across, shown under this user id, it was only the comments that could not be moved because most people didn’t log in to post comments and just added them adhoc. The dozen or so that did move across were deleted because they didn’t make any sense, as most were replies to comments that could not transfer across to WordPress.

Once we can move harlots-parlour.com to here, we plan to transfer the whole WordPress site onto a private server, divert the old url to here and then make harlotsparlour.com the primary domain for the server rather than have it overlay and re-direct to harlotsparlour.wordpress.com

& Boring Stuff

I hope that explains the state of play. Everyone is donating their own free time to the blog and I hope you can understand that this includes me too. I don’t always have time to update on demand but I have got the very neat WordPress for iPhone app which alerts me on my phone everytime a comment requires authorisation. This is a very handy tool which has allowed me to moderate in seconds because my phone alerts me literally seconds after a comment has been made. I have set comment moderation to a trust status, so email addresses that have been approved once do not need to be moderated. Obviously I want to keep it that way.

I hope this didn’t bore you all. I just wanted everyone to be up to date.


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