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Paris By Night: Prostitution during 1930s Paris

While my contributions to Harlot’s Parlour are from the U.S. point of view, I came across some very beautiful and striking photos of a French brothel taken by Hungarian photographer and artist Brassaï during the 1930s. His book “Paris de Nuit” (“Paris By Night”), published in 1933, is a fasinating pictorial essay – from the elegance of the opera to the gritty world of prostitution. From high society to hookers and hoodlums, his photographs capture the essence of Paris nightlife in the 1930s.

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2 comments on “Paris By Night: Prostitution during 1930s Paris

  1. Douglas Fox
    11 August, 2010

    His work is quite beautiful.

  2. Marie
    11 August, 2010

    Agreed! His photos are alluring and a bit haunting – they make one curious about the people featured in his work.

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