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Welcome to Harlots Parlour @ WordPress


The authors and contributors to Harlots Parlour will have received an email asking them to join WordPress to continue to post on Harlots Parlour.

The blogger site was becoming temperamental to say the least. It was very hard to moderate and was a legacy site passed onto me which I had distinct problems with.

To keep everything completely separate, please ONLY use this site to post new topics, all of our posts have been imported from blogger and hopefully this site will be a more sturdy and reliable site to host Harlots.

The wordpress server is still very much a work in progress so you might see different themes, colours and layouts over the next few days.

If you comment on a post, you will be added to moderation for your first post only, after that is approved, subsequent comments using the same email address will be automatically approved. This will cut down on any abuse of the blog. I am sure everyone will welcome the changes and remember, use the new domain name. The old domain name will direct you to the old blogger site for the next few months.

http://www.harlotsparlour.com – New Domain
http://www.harlotsparlour.co.uk – New Back Up Domain
http://www.harlots-parlour.co.uk – New Back Up Domain
http://www.harlots-parlour.com – Old Domain Forwarding To Blogger



3 comments on “Welcome to Harlots Parlour @ WordPress

  1. PONY
    31 July, 2010

    Greetings! And thank you for taking care of the migration. We look forward to posting and sharing our news. Questions about our group? Feel free to email us: pony@panix.com

    – PONY (Prostitutes of New York)

  2. silkyvelvet
    4 August, 2010

    Greetings from Marie Brown in the U.S.! I look forward to posting Harlot’s Parlour articles here on WordPress. WordPress is excellent; I happen to have a personal blog here, as well: http://velvetsilk.wordpress.com/

  3. jazzy39
    5 August, 2010


    Good move to WordPress. Where have all the regular posts gone though.

    Nice to see you here Silky, I like your posts so I am looking forward to your next article on Harlots xxxxx

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