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Criminalizing young sex workers is not the answer

Required reading: Tyrone Hall blogging about the Youth AIDS Conference held in Vienna just before the main conference earlier this month.

“Will Rockwell [Youth Officer of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects] noted that young people in the sex trade face the double threat of criminalization and state-ordered custody due to laws regarding the age of majority/consent, which prompts a necessary discussion. In the face of an expanding pandemic a key priority must surround the repealing of punitive laws regarding the inclusion of young people in the sex trade and the right to be free of state and state-ordered custody and incarceration, mandatory reporting and the collateral consequences of conviction. As Will pointed out, current policies around the forced ‘rehabilitation’, incarceration and mandatory reporting of young people involved in the sex trade compounds the vulnerability of young women and men, including transgender persons, to HIV/AIDS, exploitation and violence”

And don’t assume that countries with liberal attitudes are enlightened in their treatment of young sex workers:

“even in the Netherlands and New Zealand, where adult prostitution has been decriminalized, a youth under the age of majority who trades sex may be placed under state-ordered custody including incarceration”

Read the full post here.


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