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Some good news regarding prostitution…

Regarding prostitution in the state of Massachusetts: some good news – a proposal designed to stiffen the punishment for prostitution and solicitation of a prostitute in Springfield has overwhelmingly failed 12 to 1:

“…On Monday, City Councilor Jimmy Ferrera proposed that the city move to a one year mandatory sentence for prostitutes and those who solicit them if caught.

The measure failed 12-1.

Right now, most who face prostitution or solicitation charges pay only a $500 dollar fine and serve no jail time.

After a sting on Friday, the police department made 4 arrests within just a few hours.

Margaret Pilon lives in Springfield and wasn’t big on the idea of the one year mandatory sentence, either.

She said, “I really don’t believe in mandatory sentences, but I believe that if the prostitute is punished, so too should the john, it should be both.”

A group of protestors showed up at the City Council meeting to oppose the mandatory sentence.

Ellen Graves is with “Arise for Social Justice”. She thinks prostitution should be legal. She told 22News, “Going after prostitution is going after people who are poor and also usually drug users. There should be rehab centers, there should be training centers where they could learn a skill. The money they’re spending on putting people in jail is huge.”

Ferrera says the measure is dead, and will most likely not be brought up again.”

While this is not the most progressive news – since I believe adult prostitution should be totally legalised – this is definitely a step in the right direction.

– Marie Brown (Silky)


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