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On the 1st of July, the government launched the website http://yourfreedom.hmg.gov.uk/
The idea of ‘Your Freedom’ is to give us-the citizens of the Uk the chance to have our say on three issues
* restoring civil liberties
* repealing unnecessary laws
* cutting business and 3rd sector regulations
We should all use this opportunity to suggest repeals in the laws relating to the sex industry such as the Policing & Crime Act, the law around POCA, licensing of brothels, strict liability offences and all other relevant legislation infringing on people’s freedom to buy and sell sexual services safely.
Then, what about deleting obsolete convictions for gay sex? Repealing the misuse of drugs law?
Its all there waiting to be voted on! The more votes each area gets-the further up the list it goes and the more chance of it coming into the debates around policy.
If its not there-you can add your own arguments for people to comment and vote on.
So everyone, get typing, voting and suggesting! This is a chance to get our voices heard
HMG – Your Freedom
Delib Dialogue App

I fully support the above post by Shelley Stoops encouraging everyone to become involved. The suggestions on this government site and the support any of those suggestions get could influence this government in the creation of its freedom bill. Please comment and vote.
One of the most popular suggestions regarding the decriminalisation of prostitution is this:



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