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Waltzing Toward Vienna: AIDS 2010 (July 18-23)

This year’s international AIDS Conference (IAC) is about to get underway in Vienna. Sex worker activists will be there, promoting good work with people in the sex industry, but it’s not always easy to reach (and educate) the doctors, policy makers and academics.

Some of our most interesting activity happens with the community program – fabulous performances – and in the Global Village, which performer Mariko Passion calls “the Global Ghetto” for the lack of crossover between activists and policy makers during the IAC. In previous years, sex workers have held press conferences, spoken on panels, led noisy protest marches, organized cultural events, and used the IAC to network across language and other barriers.

If you’re going to Vienna, visit NSWP’s Smart Sex Worker’s Guide online and join us in Session Room 5 on Thursday!

This year, PONY member Melissa Ditmore and Dr. Dan Allman will present “A Case Story Analysis of the Implementation of PEPFAR’s Anti-Prostitution Pledge and Its Implications for Successful HIV Prevention among Organizations Working with Sex Workers.”

When: Thursday, 22 July, 11 AM – 12:30 PM Where: Session Room 5

(Melissa and Dan previously consulted sex workers for a 2009 report on how to improve ethics in medical trials.)

ALSO, here’s your chance to make a difference!

New Yorker Will Rockwell of $pread magazine is circulating an NSWP survey about the ways young people (below age of consent) in the sex trade are dealt with under the law. Information from every location will be really valuable, both before and after the conference. Your input will be used to advocate for the rights of young people who sell sex.

Send an email to “Will at spreadmagazine dot org” to get your copy of the survey. We urge everyone here to get involved and add your voice to this important project.

Read about sex worker events from AIDS 2008 and 2006: SWAN (Hungary), APNSW (Bangkok) and check out Darby’s Barbies.

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