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Independence Day?

Here in the U.S., we are celebrating the Fourth of July today. Also known as Independence Day, this is a day to celebrate this country’s ideals surrounding the concept of “freedom”. But amidst all the revelry, the picnics with hot dogs and hamburgers, the parades, and tonight’s beautiful fireworks displays, one must consider who truly has “freedom” that is worth celebrating: what about us prostitutes? Are we free to practise our profession as sex workers? Nope. In the U.S., prostitution is against the law (except for a few specified counties in Nevada). How can we be free to celebrate and express our sexuality through our work if we have to keep looking our shoulders due to the possibility of arrest?

My wish for the Fourth of July: that freedom and equality can be justifiably celebrated by all citizens, no matter how they choose to earn a living and make their way in the world, and this includes us sex workers, we who have been so unfairly stigmatised. For those of us residing in America: look up at the night sky and make a wish on tonight’s wonderful fireworks displays – a wish for equality and justice for all.

– Marie Brown (Silky)


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