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News of yet another conviction for a rape of a prostitute in Liverpool. Confirming the high standard set by Liverpool police who view assaults upon sex workers as hate crime and confirming why sex worker organisations and sex workers themselves ask that the policies adopted by the police in Liverpool are implemented nation wide.

Click headline or follow link below to read article in Liverpool Echo.


A GRANDFATHER made an outburst at jurors as he was found guilty of rape.

Liverpool crown court jurors took just over five hours to convict David Roach, 50, of raping a prostitute he had picked up in his car in October 2007.

As the verdict was delivered, Roach sank back in his chair, before shouting: “What are you f****** doing?”

Roach, of Sparling Street, Liverpool city centre, was removed from court by three security guards.

Less than an hour earlier, Roach, who has a lengthy criminal record, was cleared of another charge of rape and a further offence of kidnapping a different woman, also in October 2007.

Judge John Phipps remanded him in custody to await sentencing on July 9.

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