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Feminist Majority tries to make us not exist

Sixtoedkitties is a New York sex worker now living in Colorado. Here’s what she says about a New York law passed last week and spearheaded by the Sex Workers Project. This new legislation amends New York State Criminal Procedure Law:

“Take a look at this article by the Feminist Majority Foundation. What’s missing? Oh right, WE ARE… Both major grassroots sex workers rights organizations in NYC, SWOP-NYC and SWANK, not only officially supported the legislation but worked to get it passed. I was a member of both organizations at the time. One thing we did was to write a memo of support to legislators that was not only deeply personal to some of us but also well-researched and broadly applicable. Some of us also contacted our legislators personally… Some people don’t realize, I think, that there are people involved in the sex workers rights movement in the US who have experienced force, fraud, or coercion in relation to the sex industry.”

Read her excellent post here. You can follow Sixtoedkitties at SWOP Colorado.

Read a summary of New York State Assembly Bill A7670/S4429 here. Survivors of trafficking can now remove past convictions of prostitution from their records.

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