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Gay pride day in New York

Highlights from New York’s 2010 LGBT March on Sunday: “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Criminalization has got to go.” “Sex is not the problem. Stigma and criminalization are.” Sex workers got loads of support from the public thanks to the combined efforts of Sex Workers Action New York, SWOP and our friends at the Urban Justice Center.

NYC is experiencing a heatwave with highs around 34C! A lot of people stay indoors for health reasons. Even so, as you can see, “The crowd really brings it for sex workers!” (quoth SWANK)

New York sex workers have been part of the annual march since the early days, when prostitutes in Gay Activists Alliance paved the way for PONY. We now have SWANK, $PREAD and SWOP keeping that flame alive. Here’s a gorgeous picture from 2009:

See the photos from 2009 here and 2010 here.


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