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I am always slightly woried about how true is the assertion by some so called feminists that women are objectified within popular culture as sex objects and so are dehumanised as a result simply becoming disposable commodities. I would ask firstly “And men are not”. I would also ask what does objectification really mean anyway. Are we really more sexualised in western society than in other societies and are we more sexualised now than in other periods of our history? I would also ask if radical feminist policies such as those followed in Iceland and Sweden where the state is trying to manufacture so called gender equality by use of law is really good for society as a whole and especially for individual liberty?

These are subjects that I will return to (after my well deserved holiday in the sun). In the meantime I leave you to enjoy this video by Lady GaGa…A gay Icon of course but I think this video like many of her videos does beg the question who is being objectified the men or the women?

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